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In 2000, I started to suffer from Tinnitus. Initially the Tinnitus came and went, and was not to annoying. However, within a year the Tinnitus had become severe. My General Practitioner and my Ear Specialist told me nothing could be done about the Tinnitus, and I had to live with it. Not accepting this answer, I set out to find my own cure.

I purchased a professional audio signal generator, and using my knowledge in electronics engineering I build my own timing generators and switching hardware to provide a habituation training setup. I researched and experimented to find the most efficient ways of using frequencies, timings, and repetition rates. After experimenting for a couple of months, I found sound combinations, which cured my Tinnitus. The hardware, not counting the labour to put the system together, was about $ 350. This was a small price to get rid of the Tinnitus. Ask any Tinnitus sufferer, and he or she will likely agree.

However, the setup was complicated, and not easily usable by most people. So, I designed a software application that produced the same sounds as the hardware-based setup to make this method available to other Tinnitus sufferers at a more reasonable price. The resulting software was called the Tinnitus Tamer, and made available at a cost of only $35 US.

Over the years, users of the Tinnitus Tamer suggested improvements to better treat their type of Tinnitus. The Tinnitus Tamer software has been updated many times to include these enhancements.

To fit the controls of the Tinnitus Tamer onto an iPhone display was challenging. It needed a new paradigm to reduce the number of the controls without giving up functionality.  I ended up not only with fewer controls, but a much-improved user interface. The improved version is called Tinnitus Tamer XS (extra small, extra smart, extra simple). The Tinnitus Tamer XS is a universal release. One purchase provides the Tinnitus Tamer XS on your iPhone and your iPad. There is no in-app badgering to pay extra for full functionality. In addition, I decided to reduce the price of the Tinnitus Tamer XS to $10 US to make it available to those who might not be able to afford $35.