Tinnitus Tamer Version History

Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, and 95

Version 3.5.7 build S2

Fixed a bug which may give a Windows 'Null Access' error on launch of the Tinnitus Tamer. Unless you have this problem you do not have to update to version 5.3.7.

Version 3.5.6 build S1

Fixed a situation where using the tab key to move through the Tinnitus Tamer registration window input boxes in Windows 7 could add a tab character to the registration name, and prevent license verification.

Registered users need not upgrade to this version

Version 3.5.5 build R16

    1. A bug, which may cause premature termination of the trial period in Windows 7, has ben fixed .

    2. A bug, which may cause a NIL exception error in Windows 7, has been fixed.

    3. The preference file is no longer located in the Tinnitus Tamer folder; it is now at the location suggested by Windows 7.

    4. As a result of this change installing version 3.5.5 will create a new Preference file. Any custom settings you may have made in earlier versions will have to be made again in version 3.5.5.

    To make it easier to enter your custom settings in the new Preference file, take screenshots of the Tinnitus Tamer windows, which have your custom settings, while running the Tinnitus Tamer version you were using before the update. Running version 3.5.5 will not delete the preference file used by earlier versions.

    5. Fixed several minor interface inconstancies.

Version 3.5.4 build 110226

    This version is identical to version 3.5.3, but has a high frequency extending to 20 kHz for those Tinnitus sufferers who have Tinnitus at frequencies between 12 kHz (the old high end of the range) and 20 kHz (the new high end of the range).

Version 3.5.3 build 101015

    1. Added a feature to allow continuous autoplay of a selected tone sequence.

    To activate continuous play, alt-click the "10" above the progress bar. The"10" will change into an "A".
    To deactivate continuous play, alt-click the "A" above the progress bar. The"A" will change bak into a "10".

    2. Added a feature to skip one or two frequencies. This allows playing only one, or any two frequencies.
    To activate Skip mode for a frequency, click the tone mode button for that frequency until "Skip" appears.
    To deactivate Skip mode for a frequency, click the "Skip" button for that frequency. The frequency will change to "Sine". Click again to cycle through the other tone modes.

    3. Fixed a bug which caused some license codes to be rejected.

Version 3.5.2 build 100615

    Fixed a problem in 32-bit Windows 7 where a system error window may appear in place of the license entry window. If you do not have this problem, you do not have to update to this version. For feature changes see notes for version 3.5.0 below.

Version 3.5.1 build 100114

    Fixed a rare bug in registration. If you have version 3.5.0 and do not have a problem with entering your license code, you do not need to upgrade to this version. For feature changes see notes for version 3.5.0 below.

Version 3.5.0 build K

    1. The Tinnitus Tamer for Windows has been upgraded to work in 64-bit Windows 7. However, version 3.5.0 can also be installed in Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 32-bit mode.

    2. The tone mode controls have been made easier to use by combining the advanced and the basic mode into three buttons. The buttons have been colour coded, and the button labels show the mode, which is selected, to make identification easier.

    3. You can now shift-click any tone mode button to synchronize the tone modes across all three frequencies, and cycle all three frequencies with one shift-click, after the modes have been synchronized.

    4. The license ordering procedure has been simplified by placing all orders, including fax and letter orders, through the Kagi store.

    5 Improvements to the user interface.

    6. Fixed several minor bugs.

    Please note that version 3.5.0 is a paid upgrade. New license code can be purchased from our Kagi store. The upgrade price for existing users is $10 (USD). The price for first time users remains at $35 (USD).

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Version 3.0.2 build A

The Tinnitus Tamer has been tested for use on Windows Vista. Fixed a bug. Now, clicking the "Save changes made " button in the "The preferences set you just exited..." alert window properly saves the settings of the tone control button.

Version 3.0.1 build C

The sound engine has been redesigned that it no longer starts when the Tinnitus Tamer is launched. Now, the sound engine starts only when Play button is clicked, and shuts down when the Play button is pressed again to stop playing. The sound engine also shuts down when the Pause button is clicked, and restarts when the Pause button is pressed again to continue the sound sequence from where the Pause button had been pressed.

This reduces the computer CPU load before the Play button is pressed, after play has been stopped, and while in Pause mode. On slower computers this can slightly increase the time until the first tone is heard after selecting initial Play or resuming play after a Pause.

The sound engine only rune when the green light above the Play button is on.

When selecting items from the Help and Communicate menu, the Tinnitus Tamer now goes into Pause mode, and shuts down the sound engine. Clicking on the Pause button will restart a training session where it was left off.

Version 3.0.0 build AI

1. The tones can now be played in three modes:
    Pure tones - Pure tones are sine waves in the audio frequency range without harmonics.
    Sweep tones - These are pure tones, but their pitch is constantly changing within one octave around the selected frequency, at a rate that is also adjustable.
    Noise - This sound is made up of pure tones, where each cycle of the tone is a different random tone within a one octave range above the selected frequency.
2. The File menu now has an item to select basic tone mode or advanced tone mode.
    In basic tone mode three buttons appear at the lower left of the TinnitusTamer window. The button that is depressed (dark grey) determines in which mode all three frequencies are played.
    In advanced mode nine buttons appear at the lower left of the TinnitusTamer window. Each of the three frequencies has three buttons to set the mode in which it is played.
    In basic tone mode, all three frequencies are played in the same mode, either as a pure tone, a sweep tone, or as noise.
    In advanced mode, the low, mid, and high frequencies in any one tone sequence can be set to different modes.
3. In previous versions, a save alert dialogue appeared every time another sound sequence was selected after adjustments in the current sequence has been made. This alert dialogue can now be disabled by selecting 'Disable Save Alert' from the File menu. When the save alert has been disabled, a user can rapidly switch from one tone sequence to another without the save dialogue popping up. However, any changes that have not been saved using the File menu item "Save Current Tone Sequence' are not saved. To turn the save alert back on, select 'Activate Save Alert' from the File menu.

4. The File menu now has an item that allows you to save the current tone sequence at any time. If no changes have been made to the current tone sequence, the save item is disabled (greyed out)

5. The File menu now has an item that allows you to reset any tone sequence to the default values.

6. A 'Make File from Tone Sequence' item has been added to the File menu. This item is currently disabled. It will be available in a future update.

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Version 2.5.1 build AD

Eliminated need to restart after entering registration code.

Version 2.5.0 build AC

1. The training tones can now be swept tones or pure tones. Swept tones vary their pitch (frequency) by one octave. The centre of the octave is set with the frequency sliders. The rate of sweep can be adjusted form 0.5 Hz to 10 Hz. Some Tinnitus sounds can now be better mimicked using the sweep frequency mode.

2. There are now nine training sets. Each of the sets can be individually optimised by a user. You only have to press one button to switch to a different training set. The TinnitusTamerWin remembers the last training set used, and selects that set when opened. The factory default settings for the nine sets give a new user a quick idea of how training set may be set-up.

3. A progress indicator has been added to show you how you progress through a training session.

Other improvements

4. The length of a training session no longer depends on the tone duration, repeats, and cycle settings. Each training session now runs for ten minutes. The cycle control, which is now redundant has been removed. You can of course use the Play button to run two sessions end-to-end.

5. User who upgrade from a previous version will find that the controls they are used too still work the same as before, but the description below the controls has been improved to make their function easier to understand by new users.

6. The help tips, which appear when the mouse is hovered over a control, button, or text field, have been improved and expanded to make learning easier for new users.

7. The frequency being played is now shown as "low tone", "mid tone", and "high tone" in the divider line below the "adjust overall volume" control, rather than being shown as a number representing the frequency. This makes it easier for new users to identify which training tone is being played. The exact frequency of the low, mid, and high tones show, as before, above the frequency controls.

8. Rather than changing the name of the Play and Pause buttons to indicate status, these buttons now have indicator lights to show when play or pause is selected.

9. To make it easier to identify a control, the numbers above each control are now colour coded as follows:
    The three frequency (pitch) related settings are shown in blue.
    The five volume (loudness) related settings are shown in red.
    The three tone modifying settings (duration, repeats, and sweep) are shown in black
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Version 2.0.3 build CA

Simplified registration procedure.

Version 2.0.2 and 2.0.3

Fixed bugs that might limit the demo duration to 1 day.

Version 2.0.1

Fixed a bug that under some circumstances prevented the TinnitusTamer from remembering the registration code between sessions. Made minor cosmetic changes to the main window to make labels easier to read when using monitors set to high resolutions. Improved reliability of the save settings reminder.

Version 2.0

This version runs in Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, and XP.
The new version is easier to use. The interface has been improved and simplified. The separate play and control windows have been combined into a single window. The need to switch to the Control window to change settings has been eliminated. All settings can now be changed from the main window.
This version of the TinnitusTamer does not require an installer. To install the TinnitusTamer, you just place the TinnitusTamer 2.0 folder into the Program Files folder on your computer. To uninstall the TinnitusTamer you just delete the TinnitusTamer 2.0 folder.
The TinnitusTamer user Guide and the Help files have been enhanced with additional information.

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Version 1.4.1

This is a release optimized for Windows XP

Version 1.2.1

The sample tones now work correctly when the play sequence is paused in left-right mode.

Version 1.2.0

The programme no longer needs the external TTsnd file.
Resetting to the Defaults now also resets the short repetition rate, and the rate is properly saved.
The About window and the Purchase window now close automatically when a purchase method is selected.
The frequency sliders in the Control window have been simplified. The main slider acts as the coarse and fine control. The rate at which the slider changes the frequency now depends on the current frequency. The change rate is a percentage (approx. 0.02%) of the frequency rather than a fixed rate, such as 50 Hz.
The fine tune slider has been replaced by a left-right arrow pair. Clicking on an arrow increases or decreases the frequency by 1 Hz
The volume level display has been simplified. It also can turned off by clicking on one of the speaker icons. Clicking the speaker icon a second time turns the volume display back on.
The volume setting in the Tinnitus Tamer are no longer dependent on the system volume settings.
The Control window no longer crashes when a setting is made without first running a sound from the player window.
There is now a 200 msec delay between switching from one ear to the other. As a result the minimum fast switching time is now 0.5 sec.

Version 1 build b9

The programme is no longer in a permanent not-registered status.
The sound sequence no longer get stuck when timing changes are made in the control window during a training session.
An alert window now appears when the about window is clicked in an unregistered copy.
The about window can now be closed by clicking anywhere in the about window after registration.
The Player window is now invisible when the About Window is open.

Version 1 build b8

Initial release for public beta test.

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